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The information contained on this website includes the opinions of Dr. John Gannage and is for educational purposes only. One should always seek the personalized advice from a qualified practitioner before making any dietary and behaviour changes listed, as the needs and medical status of individuals are highly variable. Dr. Gannage is not responsible for any adverse events that might occur from application of any of the therapies outlined on this or other websites.

Dr. John Gannage is duly licensed to practice Medicine in the province of Ontario by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. He has been a member of the College since 1991, and remains in good standing since inception.

Dr. Gannage practices medicine according to the rules and regulations of the College, and adheres to the College’s guidelines with respect to the practice of complementary and/or alternative medicine.

The guidelines are published at the College of Physicians and Surgeons (website: under the following banner:

Complementary/Alternative Medicine
Policy Number: #3-11
Policy Category: Practice
Approved by Council: November 1997
Reviewed and Updated: February 2004, November 2011
Publication Date: Dialogue, Issue 4, 2011

Please be advised that, while integrating conventional medicine with complementary/ alternative medicine, many of the services and procedures provided directly by Dr. Gannage are considered unorthodox and unconventional. These same procedures would therefore be considered unproven by his conventional peers and the College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Dr. Gannage applies alternative modalities only after a conventional medicine diagnosis has been documented, and after conventional modalities have either failed or been met with adverse effects, or as an adjunct to good conventional medical care. Alternative medicine testing, procedures and treatments are not covered under the provincial health plan. Please feel free to ask us for any information you require with respect to what the billing charges will be to you for any alternative medicine testing, procedures and treatments. Dr. Gannage is committed to providing his patients with sufficient information to allow patients to make informed choices with respect to the efficacy of any treatments, and the costs of those treatments to his patients.

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