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Outsmart Histamine.

The no-nonsense, Functional Medicine approach to histamine intolerance.

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The Histamined Difference

Get to the root of your histamine problem.

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In my Functional Medicine practice, my approach to managing histamine intolerance involves uncovering hidden sources of inflammation and other underlying issues, healing the gut, and developing an evidence-based, nutrition-focused plan for success. 

I've helped countless patients solve the health problems that have eluded them with the help of my histamine-focused protocol. Now, I want to share my 25+ years of experience with you.

Whether you are just browsing through the archives, joining our Facebook community, or booking a 1:1 consult with me, I hope I can help you to outsmart histamine and achieve optimal health.

Dr. John Gannage, MD


The low histamine diet

Tips and tricks for understanding and mastering the low histamine diet.


Histamine & the gut

The root cause of histamine intolerance can often be traced back to an imbalance in the gut.


Histamine & migraines

Research has shown that 87% of those who suffer from chronic migraines are deficient in DAO.

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